The Hot Box Cart was started in the spring of 2014, with the goal of providing an answer to the lack of late night food availability and quality on the West side of Olympia and at the Evergreen State college. Originally emerging as an Evergreen school project, the Hot Box is an independent business that aims to source good quality ingredients as locally as possible, while still providing reasonably priced food for the community.

The Hot Box began by traveling to music festivals up and down the West coast and as far as Colorado before settling down in Olympia at a more permanent location in West Central Park – a new park created for and by the local community.

After providing late night food for the Olympia community through 2015, The Hot Box is now making the move to Eugene, Oregon in the hopes of continuing it’s mission to provide late night comfort food at a comfortable price using high quality ingredients sourced within the community

e make it all ourselves, from our house “dank sauce” (the best french fry dipping sauce known to man!) to our rum BBQ sauce, special dressings, and chipotle mayo, because when you put in the time, effort, and good quality ingredients, good food is bound to be the result.